domingo, 20 de mayo de 2018

people are people

Day after day, I am keeping the same questions for myself. Why?
Why is people the way they are? why they can't be someone better? Why they just don't want to improve.
People is going to be the same still. People will argue, fight. Nobody is going to change the way they are.
Even if you want to save people from their own hell. Although you know that you are different. Guess what? nobody cares. Nobody cares about your ideas. Also, people who love you and who cares about you. Why? if they love you why they make you feel as garbage?
Nobody can tell.

You can give everybody your love, your smile, your arms, your life. Nobody cares, anyway.
Why should you give yourself to people that does not care? Why should you give yourself completely to someone that is always mad at you?

It makes me feel mad.

People is going to be people anyways. always.

Nothing will change. This is why the world is the way it is.


why do I have to always deal with this pain?
It never stops. It is always the same.
I try to get better, try to get better with everybody, with myself.
After all these years, it is not going to stop.
You cannot listen. I cannot listen.
Soon I will be gone.
Don't come back for me, I want you to know
Deep inside my heart, deep inside myself.
I will be glad to go, and let you, let everyone be.

Love can be Reborn from the Ashes.

I have read,seen, and know many couples who say that "when you love someone is so easy" "fights will never occur" "loneliness will never happen"
All of that is not true.

Sometimes it is too hard to see what is damaging your other person. Sometimes your other can even misunderstand you.  People can even forget their couple's favorite things from time to time, just because, so relationships are not perfect at all.
People can have fights, couple's friends, family and close ones can even damage their relationship just for getting their noses on, and also men and women, people, react to everything differently.

Fights will always happen, sometimes too much, sometimes nothing will happen. However, there will be some season in your relationship that it will be horrible.

I call it: the breakup.

Sometimes when you don't change things, when you don't act differently people are always going to have a period of unbalance on everything. Changing some aspects of your life may be good for this situation, but what happens next? Can you fall again in this period?

Shit happens, as you may have seen. But it could and it WILL be better.

For the love of couples, for the love of people.

People always go forward.

Everything will be alright in the end, my love.


martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

Completely my Fault.

Heaven knows I am miserable now

Why do i still blaming others when I could be the one that makes the fault?
Maybe is because the way that I react, the way that I behave.
Sometimes I believe that it could cause me trouble, but other times can recover my pride.
Pride... is it a sin? 
Why should I do not have pride? everyone has one.
I decided from now on. Bye Bye reason. Bye bye pride.

Time for change... to a better person.


viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014


All animals are the same, but some animals are more equal than others. George Orwell.

Basically, i read Animal Farm, which i am referring my quote up there, it tells a formulation about communism in some distinctive way. 

 I just cannot sleep today.. I think this will happen since many many nights after this night. I have to make decisions for myself. Also, i have to think more and tell myself. Do i really want this for my future? Do i really want this kind of life? Do i really want this environment for myself?

Society has increasingly challenge me in so many ways, things unexpected can happen. Things are never repairable, but i believe what can be solved. 

I really cannot sleep. May i be thinking too much? May I want to be the dreamer kind of like person or the Sedentary person that some people are?

I do not want to be the sedentary. I will NEVER change my ideals for ANYTHING

Communism IS BULLSHIT. Socialism ALSO. Everything, at this moment. It is bullshit.

I Love George Orwell. He taught me pretty much what is life. By the time that he wrote Animal farm(1946). Now, i can say that everything still the same and worse.


People Cannot be changed. Root Ideals either. so, if i would like to change a whole society. Not to think like i do. BUT TO THINK WISELY. Not like these pigs. I just cannot. This is why i have to go. This is why i need to leave this place.

Asleep is Playing in my Head.... The Smiths are awesome.

Why everything that is awesome is not here anymore?

Steph. Nothing can be changed already. Society is too fucked up to get better. This is why everything is like it is now.

miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2014

The good thing in all of this is that i still care for myself, and it will keep this way....


This Lullaby . Queens of the Stone Age

Where, Oh where have you been my love? 
Where, Oh where can you be? 
It's been so long, since the moon has gone 
And oh what a wreck you've made me 

Are you there over the ocean? 
Are you there, up in the sky? 
Until the return of my love 
This lullaby 

My hope is on the horizon 
Every face, it's your eyes I can see 
I plead and pray though each night and day 
Our embrace is only a dream 

And as sure as days come from moments 
Each hour becomes a life's time 
When she'd left, I'd only begun this lullaby

Trust in yourself. Always.